Hello, I'm Brighid and I bake the cakes here. But it wasn't always that way... I grew up in Hell, Michigan. As a kid I had a real sweet tooth and loved crafting all things. As fate would have it, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island immediately after graduating high school to attend Johnson & Wales University where I got my degree in Baking & Pastry/Food Service. With that education I was able to become an assistant to the pastry chef at Hotel Iroquois on Mackinaw Island, study French Pastry for a snowy winter in an old Castle in the South of France, and move to San Francisco to work for William Werner at Craftsman & Wolves. After graduating, I got a job working for Joanne Chang at her bakery, Flour, in Boston. While I really enjoyed my time at Flour, I found myself missing home. So, after some deliberation, we loaded up the car and moved to Ann Arbor where I got a job working in the bread department at Zingerman's Bakehouse. I learned a ton working there, but my passion has always been cakes. So when Heather posted about a position at Sweet Heather Anne I jumped on it! 

Outside of work I have a few simple pleasures like food, plants, animals, and finding excuses not to exercise. To be more specific I like: cooking and going to new restaurants; propagating plant life; my cats and dog - Mr. Cat, Rutabaga, and François; most importantly, Matt, my amazing boyfriend; and the timeless classic excuse of I just ate pizza so I'm too bloated to go for a run. And that pretty much brings us full circle to my original statement: I'm Brighid, and I bake the cakes here.