I grew up watching Ace of Cakes on the Food Network channel. It’d be more accurate to say I grew up obsessing over Charm City Bakery, their incredibly inventive, boundary-braking cakes and their talented decorator, Geoff. The line between my two passions, art and confection, was completely blurred in a way I hadn’t considered as a 15-year-old aspiring artist.

I wanted to work in a place like that so badly. As I began undergrad at the Stamps School of Art and Design, my passion for food fell by the wayside until I was pouring over confections with my advisor. He turned me toward Heather and her incredible team. I took some cookie classes and fell in love with the studio and people. I then got the decoration and delivery internship during the summer of 2015.

Through emergency cake surgery in parking lots, floral tape and painting anything there was to paint gold, my passion for the world where art and cake are one became real for me again.

Now two years later, I am lucky to be able to count myself as a part of the Sweet Heather Anne team. I honestly believe that we can make anything. We are magicians with sugar and learning new tricks all the time. I’m still painting a lot of things gold, floral tape is still an old friend of mine and the art/cake line is blurred as ever. I wouldn’t have it any other way.