Hi! I'm Joanna and I'm the business manager here at Sweet Heather Anne. I run the dessert counter and coordinate details for cakes and desserts, so if you’ve stopped in for a treat, came by for a cake tasting, or gotten an email from us recently, we’ve probably met!

I grew up in Kansas but went to college in Indiana, where I studied environmental science. During my time in college, I became fascinated by the art of baking. I started researching the science behind baked goods and reading all of the cookbooks I could get my hands on. After graduating, I spent a year working in the kitchen at a brewery and at the same time had the chance to make several wedding cakes for friends and family. These experiences helped me to realize that my dream job was to work with high quality baked goods in some way.

As a high schooler I worked for a small business, and both sets of my grandparents were farmers (along with many of my classmates growing up), so I’ve always felt very strongly about supporting local businesses and farmers. Combine this with my love of baking and my detail-oriented personality and you can see why I jumped for joy when this position opened up at Sweet Heather Anne! Being surrounded by such beauty and artistry on a daily basis is a huge treat, and knowing that we support the local economy and farmers market makes it even better.

When I’m not emailing you about your wedding cake details, you can find me playing or watching tennis (I’m a huge Jack Sock fan!), trying unsuccessfully to grow potted plants in my north-facing apartment, verrrrrry occasionally posting on my baking blog, and drinking as many cups of coffee as I possibly can.