Hi! I’m Kim, and I’m the business manager of Sweet Heather Anne. I met Heather through a mutual friend, and soon discovered that not only do we both love food, we score the same on a lot of personality tests! Besides that, I had admired from afar the work of Heather and Claudia for some time. Even before I knew who they were, I was entranced by their impeccable execution on their beautifully designed cakes—I had looked at a lot of cakes over the years, and never had seen ones quite like this. When I got the chance to come represent such amazing work, I didn’t look back.

I have loved cake since I was a kid—one of my favorite things was a tiny, tiered cake set that came with sugar molds to make little animals. I made Spiderman cakes for my brother, and poured over Good Housekeeping’s December issue with the gingerbread house contest. I tried to make a tiered cake without really knowing how to transport one, and ran it into my dashboard 30 feet from it’s destination. 

Once I grew up, I tried to have other jobs, but I always came back to food. Spending time living on both coasts of the United States provided me many opportunities to eat and make great food, and continued to fire my interest. I spent time in the test kitchen of a food magazine, made pastries for a renowned lower East side restaurant and one of my favorites, made soups and pastries for a small hometown coffeehouse. In a storm of perfect timing, right when I needed a job, a cake decorating position opened up at Zingerman’s Bakehouse, and I spent many years creating custom wedding cakes and later, managing the service office. I find that my position here at Sweet Heather Anne combines my love of customer service and my passion for beautiful cakes, and I could not be happier!