My love for cake design stems from an education in art, a passion for food, and a childlike refusal to believe that there is anything I cannot create. While attending the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, I packed up my paintbrushes to study abroad in Florence. Though I had hoped that immersing myself in the realm of the Italian masters would rub off on my artistic prowess, I found myself more interested in the perfect foam atop my cappuccino.

Upon returning to the States, my newfound passion for food seeped into my art making. For my art school thesis, I dedicated myself to forming the same connection to food in Michigan that I had experienced in Italy. After working with food producers and artisans in the Ann Arbor area, I created a series of edible monuments to honor each one. 

Before opening Sweet Heather Anne, I took time to carefully refine my craft: developing and refining my palate with Eve Aronoff at eve the restaurant and braving Food Network Cake Challenges as an assistant to Courtney Clark of Cake Nouveau.

As owner and cake designer at Sweet Heather Anne, I love what I do, and look at each new cake as a challenge to further develop my craft. I am thankful to be working with an amazingly talented team who shares my passion for cake and keeps me laughing daily.