Private Workshops with Heather

We're excited to be offering custom private workshops with Heather!  You can choose to learn anything from hand painting on cakes to marketing your cake business.  If we've posted a photo of something you're dying to recreate, now's your chance to learn in a one-on-one or small group setting. 

Workshops start at $800 per day, and are priced based on the techniques you wish to learn.  Both one and two day workshops are available, and lunch is included in the daily rate.  We prefer to schedule Private Workshops between Sunday and Tuesday.  A photography package is available if you would like professional photographs of the work you create in the workshop.

Please begin the process by filling out the form below.  Once you fill it out, we'll contact you to discuss your personalized workshop.  Heather is currently scheduling Private Workshops for October-November 2019 and January-April 2020.



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Check all that apply. Workshops can cover 1-3 topics per day, depending on the complexity of the topic.